Training beam 2000s - BeastMaker

Training beam 2000s - BeastMaker

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The beastmaker 2000s is a hangboard for advanced climbers. Indeed, this beastmaker is designed to have hard-to-hold holds to improve even the best of climbers. A wooden hanbboard provides a soft texture for the fingers in addition to increasing the difficulty compared to plastic.

BeastMaker 2000s:

  • Sloper 45deg
  • Slope 35deg
  • Medium 3 finger socket
  • Small 3 finger socket
  • Big Bin
  • Big and small incut grip
  • Pocket 2 back fingers
  • Big and small bi-finger sloper
  • Mono Sloper and 1 Pad

Comes with installation screws.

Dimensions: 58cm x 15cm x 5.8cm